For generations, Danbury has been a desirable place to live. Unfortunately, the city has been left behind by an administration that has not acted when it comes to our vital transportation network. Unmanaged growth during the past 18 years without a plan has led to crumbling roads, gridlocked streets, and a public transit system that is stuck in the past.

Our community hasn’t seen a major traffic improvement plan since the 1980s, and since then there has been no real action to address the increasing problems faced by commuters every day. The failure to address these issues has hampered the city’s economic development and our quality of life.

We can’t let this continue to happen.

As Mayor, I will make our transportation infrastructure one of my key policies, linking it to downtown development, for the benefit of all of Danbury.

When elected, I will:

  • order a traffic study in my first 100 days that will examine existing road, bus, and rail conditions to reduce congestion and ease travel around our city;
  • repave long-neglected roads by aligning bonding with retiring debt service so we don’t increase the mill rate or impact taxpayers – much like I did when I was City Council President;
  • listen to commuters who, for more than two decades, have been demanding better and more frequent service along railway and bus lines;  
  • make upgrading commuter services a priority by personally lobbying elected officials for additional State and Federal funding;
  • create incentives to encourage private investment centered around an improved Danbury train and bus hub that spurs growth, helps the environment, improves the lives of everyone, and keeps the burden off local taxpayers.

To help both residents and businesses thrive in the city for generations to come, we need to work together. Leadership requires crafting solutions to the problems that matter to people. As your next Mayor, I know that together we’ll build a city as good as its people.