Letter: Supports Setaro for mayor of Danbury

Sept. 1, 2019 The News-Times

I think this is the first time that he has been in office that Mayor Boughton is concerned about his running opponent. As soon as his opponent, Chris Setaro, mentions something that isn’t being addressed in Danbury, Mayor Boughton is on it after years of unthreatened complacency on his part. I haven’t seen this many infrastructure and education issues addressed in the past 12 years.

As a former Danbury High School teacher, I have seen how hard it is to get our present mayor to back what is truly needed in education, which is funding, resources, higher teacher pay, etc.

Danbury Democrat releases petition urging Boughon to support stricter gun laws

August 23, 2019 Danbury HamletHub

Danbury Democratic mayoral candidate Chris Setaro released a petition Friday calling on Mark Boughton to support universal background checks and other gun reform measures. 

Setaro also issued a statement this week calling out Boughton for his failure to sign a letter from the U.S. Conference of Mayors’ demanding action on national gun safety. Boughton is a member of the group and a former member of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns, an organization he left shortly before his gubernatorial bid. 

Danbury Democrat calls on Boughton to support stricter gun background checks

August 22, 2019 The News-Times

DANBURY – The Democrat trying to unseat the city’s longest-serving mayor says Republican Mark Boughton should join 250 other mayors who are calling on the Senate to pass stricter gun background checks.

“Connecticut is a leader on gun safety legislation, and our laws are models for the nation that Congress should adopt,” said Chris Setaro, a former City Council president trying to deny Boughton a record 10th term in office in November. “Every mayor should sign this letter and send a strong signal that we need federal action now.”

Setaro insists developers should pay impact fees for housing

Danbury Patch August 3, 2019

DANBURY – Democratic mayoral candidate Chris Setaro says that Danbury – which was once known for making hats and then was noted for being the home of Union Carbide – has for 18 years used high-density housing on the West Side as an economic driver.

It has helped boost the population from 76,123 in 2001 – when Setaro lost by 127 votes to then-state Rep. Mark Boughton, a Republican, in the mayoral election – to 85,246 people in 2017– an increase of 9,123 residents.

Regarding those changes, Setaro said, “The problem you run into when the model for economic development is high-density residential housing – which is what we have seen in Danbury over the last 18 years on the West Side – what will result is two things: Lots of people and lots of automobiles. You’ve got to require that developers have to pay some sort of impact fee for schools, roads and public safety.”

Growth, economy top issues in Danbury mayoral race

The News-Times July, 26 2019

DANBURY – The battle for City Hall may come down to which version of Danbury voters recognize – a low-crime city that’s growing at a state-leading pace, or a struggling city that’s paying the price on roads and in schools for unregulated housing growth on the west side.

While it’s too early in the election season for lawn signs and attack adds, the race for the city’s top elected position between GOP Mayor Mark Boughton and Democratic former City Council president Chris Setaro is taking shape over the state of Danbury’s economy, its schools and its quality of life.

Danbury Democrats Announce Full Slate of Candidates for November

Danbury Patch July 22, 2019

DANBURY, CT – The Danbury Democratic Town Committee (DDTC) has unanimously endorsed a full slate of candidates for every city office for the November 5, 2019 municipal election.

“The officers and members of the DDTC are pleased and proud of the Democratic Team that has been assembled for this year’s city election. We have incumbent office holders, veterans and people newer to the electoral political process; people of all ages, races, nationalities and creeds – women and men alike – that represent the mosaic that makes up our city,” Chairwoman Andrea Gartner said in a release.

Chris Setaro Continues Record Setting Fundraising in Race for Danbury Mayor

Hamlet Hub July 15, 2019

Chris Setaro, the Democrat running for Mayor of Danbury recently announced that he has raised $129,273 since the start of his campaign with more than 700 donations and $100,445cash on hand. No other mayoral candidate has raised that much money in the past two decades.

“I’m thankful and humbled by the outpouring of support for our campaign. Every day we’re talking about kitchen table issues that people care about, and we have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of every Danbury resident,” said Setaro. “The amount of grassroots support we have received is overwhelming. Danbury knows it’s time to move forward with a real plan that addresses long-neglected issues and puts us on a path to build a city as remarkable as its people.”

Democrats Raise Over $129K for Danbury Mayoral Race

Danbury Patch July 10, 2019

DANBURY, CT — Democratic candidate for mayor Chris Setaro has announced he has raised $129,273 in his first six months of fundraising.

The warchest represents over 700 donations. The Setaro campaign now has more than $100,445 cash on hand, according to a press release. Setaro launched his campaign on Dec. 26.

“I’m thankful and humbled by the outpouring of support for our campaign. Every day we’re talking about kitchen table issues that people care about, and we have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of every Danbury resident,” Setaro said in the release.

Danbury transportation issues drive clash in mayoral race

The News-Times June, 27 2019

DANBURY — Life on local roads and rails has not kept pace with Danbury’s state-leading growth, according to Danbury’s Democratic candidate for mayor.

Attorney and former City Council president Chris Setaro, who is trying to prevent GOP Mayor Mark Boughton’s election to a record 10th term, said the solution is more planning, paving and pressure on state and federal agencies for transportation money.

Danbury Democrats Release Education Manifesto

Danbury Patch May 23, 2019

DANBURY, CT — Democratic mayoral challenger Chris Setaro released his public education manifesto, calling for free prekindergarten programs and a commission of experts and stakeholders to weigh in on the operational and infrastructure needs of the city school system.

“Let’s build a strategic plan for the schools. Let’s pressure the City Council to prioritize the education budget so we meet our increasing needs. Alongside our other city leaders, let’s advocate in Hartford for Danbury’s fair share of education funding until we get it,” said Setaro, who is challenging Mayor Mark Boughton in November.