Setaro insists developers should pay impact fees for housing

Danbury Patch August 3, 2019

DANBURY – Democratic mayoral candidate Chris Setaro says that Danbury – which was once known for making hats and then was noted for being the home of Union Carbide – has for 18 years used high-density housing on the West Side as an economic driver.

It has helped boost the population from 76,123 in 2001 – when Setaro lost by 127 votes to then-state Rep. Mark Boughton, a Republican, in the mayoral election – to 85,246 people in 2017– an increase of 9,123 residents.

Regarding those changes, Setaro said, “The problem you run into when the model for economic development is high-density residential housing – which is what we have seen in Danbury over the last 18 years on the West Side – what will result is two things: Lots of people and lots of automobiles. You’ve got to require that developers have to pay some sort of impact fee for schools, roads and public safety.”