Setaro issues statement on Danbury budget

DANBURY, C.T. – Chris Setaro, Democrat running for Mayor of Danbury, issued the following statement about the 2020 Danbury city budget.

“The city’s budget has ballooned more than $100 million in the last 18 years – an increase of more than 70 percent. While this latest budget proposal doesn’t increase the mill rate, it still increases spending by more than $4.5 million. But not enough of those dollars are going to our schools, improving our roads, or hiring more police officers. For the last three years, the city spent less per student than anyone else in the state, 169 out of 169, and our students are suffering. If we want things to improve, we can’t keep following the status quo – and that’s why I’m running for Mayor.”

“It’s time to have a real conversation about the city’s priorities and direct resources to where they are needed the most. As Mayor, I will prioritize education, infrastructure, and safety, and use every means to raise the revenue we need to hold the line on taxes. Investments made today in better schools, improved roads and community policing will make Danbury an attractive destination for new businesses and families tomorrow and well into the future.”